Tinpot – say what you like about the name, you’re not likely to forget it.

And so it is with our cutting edge audio production. We make distinctive radio ads which cut through daytime radio clutter, radio content which engages and entertains, corporate recordings designed to deliver, sound mix for tv, animation and any other media you care to mention.

Our centrally located custom built recording studios are designed by producers for producers and are ideal for voiceover, narration, ISDN to broadcast, roundtable discussion, drama, foley, even acoustic music recording

When it comes to swanky audio kit, we've got it. But it’s not all about technology. We’ve produced and co-produced countless programmes ranging across any number of genres – documentary, drama, short form, comedy and syndicated series.

So, you get the benefit of an objective engineers ear and the empathy of seasoned producers. Not to mention our commitment to helping you make your audio as good as it can be.

Because we're not just Sound.

We're also Ideas.